Software Development

Custom Server, Desktop, Mobile and Cloud Software Development

Custom application software development allows you to turn your business challenges, ideas and requirements into a practical and viable solution to improve your business’s performance, increase your competitive edge and enhance cost-effectiveness.

We can provide any part, or all, of the full spectrum of Systems and Software Analysis and Design, and Solutions Development and Integration.
We thus can do the project management, business requirements and workflow analysis, software design, development, implementation (hardware and software) and ongoing post-implementation maintenance and support.

The key focus areas are:

• Assessing, quantifying and verbalising the customer requirements to plot a development strategy and path that clearly defines the deliverables to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.
• Enhancing and integrating with existing solutions to build a more comprehensive solution to the set of requirements.
• Being able to deliver and implement custom solutions successfully across a wide range of industry sectors, e.g. Financial, Banking, Manufacturing, Automotive, Mining and Government.
• Ensuring that customer benefit, ease of use and ROI is kept in focus, rather than merely implementing “bleeding-edge” technologies.
• Selecting the best fit or mix from industry standard methodologies for each development project, instead of being fixated on a single set of guidelines.
• Whilst we mainly use SQL, C#, XAML, and Xamarin for our development solutions, we are also flexible enough to be guided by the client’s existing infrastructure and standards.
• To deliver the agreed outcomes on time and within budget, we manage the project with full transparency so that the client can monitor our progress and have early insight into potential adjustments to scope, priorities or budget. A smoothly run and completed project means you get better and quicker returns on your investment.

Why Build Custom Software?

Increasingly, companies are realising that not all business application systems are created equal, hence the demand for custom development has grown substantially. The build vs buy decision favours those clients that are intent on differentiating their products and/or services from those of their competitors. Outsourcing your custom development requirements brings you the following potential benefits:
• Reduced overheads – no need to recruit and manage specialist staff outside of your core business, nor do you have to invest in an expensive software development environment and other toolsets.
• Reduced distraction – you are free to focus on your core business, while we work on completing the project for you.
• Time saving – you will not be bothered by additional project or staff management issues.