Project & Programme Management

To ensure that realistic and attainable goals and expectations are set for determining the product that will be delivered, and defining by when, by whom and for how much, formal and professional project management is key.
Without sound project management, budget estimates and project delivery timelines can be unrealistic or lacking in estimating insights gained from similar projects. Ultimately this means that projects get delivered late and/or over budget. Or, worse still, the project ends on time and under budget, but the product does not adequately meet the client’s requirements. Therefore, project management must also ensure that risks are properly identified and mitigated against to avoid becoming issues and possibly derailing the whole project.
We also know that well-managed teams are happier and more motivated because they understand that they are important and that each member’s contribution matters, so they perform better. Such a team ensures that the correct result is produced on time.
Even the smallest, apparently simplest, project can fail disastrously if not managed professionally and competently, hence we see Project Management as a critical success factor in all our engagements.